The Best Things to Do and See in El Gastor

Are you visiting Gastor to spend vacations with your family or friends? Surely, you will have something to enjoy. El Gastor is a beautiful whitewashed village. It is situated on a hillside at the bottom of the magnificent mountain range of Zahara de la Sierra in the Cadiz area of AndalucĂ­a. The white building of the village contrasts beautifully with the azure, cloudless sky overhead, and the mountainous landscape that surrounds the village. This small village is only half an hour’s drive from the more popular neighboring whitewashed town of Ronda.

El Gastor is a paradise on a hill. You can enjoy beautiful hiking trips and can relax in the vicinity of nature. It is also a home to enjoy authentic Spanish food.

The temperature remains comfortable throughout the year. Therefore, you can visit Gastor during any part of the year. The busiest month for tourism in El Gastor is July, followed by June, and May. November is the least expensive month as there is no rush of the tourists. The best things to do and see in Gastor are listed here. You can read to know more about the activities and to have fun.


If you love handmade items, you can buy colorful rugs, jewelry, and beautiful ceramics for your friends and family members as gifts. The village offers a wide range of interesting stores where you can wander and shop colorful items. You can visit the town’s market that is held every Thursday where many professional and talented local handicraft makers display and sell their unique products.


Another important thing to enjoy in this part of Spain is authentic Spanish cuisine. The region is famous for its olive production. Therefore, olives are used in almost every dish and you will find it in the menus in Gastor’s restaurants. The restaurants also serve traditional Andalusia food prepared by using local produce.

Visit the Zahara- El Gastor Reservoir

You can spend a day with your family or friends at the beautifully scenic lake at Zahara- El Gastor. It is an important site to visit in Gastor. It is a beautiful reservoir and has an artificial beach. It is the best place to unwind and click photographs. There is a recreation area for children and a breathtaking mountainous background.

Enjoy a swim in La Playita

La Playita is a recreation area in the beautiful Grazalema Natural Park. It is only a 15-minute drive from Gastor. It is a small lake and is perfect to relax, swim, paddle, enjoy a picnic and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of one of the most beautiful parks in AndalucĂ­a.


You can also take part in the major events that are celebrated in June. One of them is Corpus Christi. A religious procession is taken out and the entire village is decorated. People decorate their houses and the streets. The other event is El Gastor Feria that is celebrated in the first week of August. It is celebrated for four days with lots of activities throughout day and night. Entire families including children and adults come together to celebrate this event.

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